Terms and Conditions of Warranty

Thank you for purchasing our product. Your product is warranted against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship within the period indicated on the Warranty Application for the respective product, subject to the following terms and conditions stated below:

  1. You are responsible for registering this warranty with us through our website <https://warranty.com.sg> within seven (7) days from the date of purchase. Repair/ service charges will be imposed accordingly for products without proof of warranty registration and the original purchase receipt.
  1. This warranty may be rendered invalid and unenforceable in the event of manifest error in information provided by you while registering for warranty. You are responsible to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information you provide to us.
  1. You shall produce sufficient documentary proof of purchase and warranty certificate of the product to our satisfaction. This warranty shall not be transferable, negotiable or assignable to any third party.
  1. Save for MKN products, all other products shall be used solely for domestic purposes and not for any other purpose whatsoever. MKN products can be used for commercial kitchen purposes.
  1. All products shall be used strictly in accordance with the instruction manual provided.
  1. This warranty shall be immediately rendered invalid and unenforceable if your product has in our opinion been tampered with (including the altering/defacing/ removal of serial numbers and model numbers), removed, altered, adjusted, modified, dismantled, damaged through misuse or improper use, human negligence, subject to normal wear and tear or exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity, repaired or handled in any way whatsoever by any person(s) not authorized by us.
  1. Our decision on all issues relating to complaints as to defects either of workmanship or of materials shall be conclusive and you agree to abide by such a decision. We reserve the right at our option and absolute discretion to replace your product, in lieu of repair, with a similar model of an equivalent or prevailing value without further liability to you in relation to your product. Upon such replacement, the remaining period of the applicable warranty only shall continue to apply to the replacement product. For the avoidance of doubt, any repair, service and/or replacement by us of your product or any part thereof does not extend or renew the applicable period of warranty, which will thereafter continue to apply only for its remaining period. Additionally all parts and/or products which we replace within the applicable warranty shall become our property.
  1. We will not be liable howsoever for any delay and/or failure to undertake and/or complete repair/ service due to causes beyond our reasonable control including the non-availability of component parts.
  1. You are required to notify us of any missing accessories/ materials within one (1) week of the purchase date or the delivery date of your product, whichever is later. We reserve the right to require that you provide documentary proof of purchase and/or delivery to support your claim.
  1. Upon the expiry of the Warranty period, or in any event where the customer is unable to produce a valid warranty certificate or original proof of purchase, service charges and spare parts cost will be applicable. This warranty certificate will not be re-issued.
  1. The buyer is required to bring the product to and from the Customer Service Centre whenever service is needed. No outdoor service is provided unless otherwise stated.
  1. Outdoors service is applicable only for the following: Refrigerator, Chest Freezer, Water Heater, Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, Built-in Oven, Hob and Hood.
  1. Transportation costs are not included during the warranty period for the following: Demonstration on use of all products, Checking of piping or Electrical connection of water heater.
  1. This warranty does not cover height fees that may involve manpower to extract the product/set from high and risky area. We shall impose additional charges accordingly. Service may not be rendered if we have assessed that the risk factor is too high, such assessment shall be conclusive and abided by you. No charge will be imposed if product is brought down to ground level by the buyer.
  1. We will inform you on the status (repaired or non-repairable) of the product, after which you must collect the product from our Customer Service Centre within three (3) months. If this product is not collected within the stipulated period; it will be disposed off. We will not be liable for any loss after disposal.
  1. All handheld remote controls, batteries earphones, filters, inter-connectors, knobs, cables/cord assembly, antennae, adaptors, front panel, cover lens, plugs, sockets and accessories do not come with a warranty.
  1. The warranty is subject to the following limitations and exclusions:-
  1. damage, defects and/or malfunctions resulting from dust, interference of foreign objects, natural disaster, lightning, fire, water and/or liquid substances, exposure to sunlight, improper ventilation, drop from height, inoperative/ leaking batteries, civil unrest, accident and/or act of God;
  2. damage, defects and/or malfunctions caused by the use of improper electrical supply, 
improper installation, connections to other incompatible equipment, input voltage beyond specifications, use of incompatible batteries, misuse, improper use contrary to cautions/ directions/ instructions/ specifications referred to in the operating manuals, mishandling and/or consequential damage due to negligence and abuse;
  3. exterior appearances and/or finishing, fair wear and tear;
  4. loss of any data, memory input and/or setting during operation and/or in the course of repair/ service;
  5. installation/ dismantling/ demonstration and instruction on the usage of your product;
  6. indirect, consequential and/or incidental damages;
  7. shipment and/or transport to and/or use of your product in any territory other than Singapore; and
  8. to the fullest extent permitted under the applicable law, all and any other claims for damages and/or any loss suffered.
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