About Us


The name Swee Huat Heng is derived from the Cantonese words meaning prosperous and lucky.

In the late 60s we started off in Singapore as Swee Huat Heng Gas Supply, distributing cylinder gas to local businesses. After a little over a decade, we expanded to also import and wholesale commercial gas burners and was known as Swee Huat Heng Trading in the 80’s. We were then finally known as Swee Huat Heng Engineering Pte Ltd (SHHE) in 1991, to complement our existing trade business with gas pipe installation works and servicing for our existing customers.

SHHE is now widely known for being a one stop solution for gas piping and equipment, We offer comprehensive installation and maintenance, inspection and certification as well as a wide range of gas burners.

Over 5 decades we have grown as an institution and now boast a number of subsidiaries under our wing which include Aerogaz (S) Pte Ltd, Aerogaz (M) Sdn Bhd and Swee Huat Heng (China) Manufacturing Pte Ltd.


Address: 1 Loyang Way 1 Singapore 508702

Tel: +65 6746 9933

Email: enquiry@shhe.com.sg

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